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  • Why Columbus Day Needs To Go Away

    Why Columbus Day Needs To Go Away

    Columbus Day was created to celebrate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America and to appease Italian Americans. Unfortunately,  since then there has been plenty of evidence collected that Columbus did not “discover” anything. Of course North America was already occupied by native peoples, but if we...

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  • The Undeserved Hatred For Coyotes

    The Undeserved Hatred For Coyotes

    Have you ever known someone who is prejudiced, having a misplaced hatred for a type of person because of their gender, religious views, ethnicity, or sexual preference? Some people even have that same immaturity when it comes to nature. It’s always important to understand the...

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  • Federal Lands & Citizen Perceptions

    Federal Lands & Citizen Perceptions

    I get so tired of delusional people bitching about Federal lands and using the Constitution as some sort of defense for their opinions. Some people in this country do not understand the relationship between the Federal Government and lands managed by the Federal Government. The...

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  • Keep Science In Politics

    Keep Science In Politics

    The only source of information that should be used to legislate environmental policy (such as clean air and water standards, and the Endangered Species Act) is SCIENCE. Any politician saying otherwise is simply ignorant of facts and not wise enough to be in a position...

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  • Attention Telemarketers

    Attention Telemarketers

    When a person answers the phone they ask “Hello?” You don’t call someone and answer with the same question. That is stupid and very annoying. It’s bad enough that you are a telemarketer, but if you are trying to attract a stranger to whatever you...

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  • American Insurgents

    American Insurgents

    There is a disturbing movement going on in the United States today. Its protagonists and promoters use words like “freedom,” “rights,” and the “Constitution” to give their cause a righteous tone, but all of that talk is little more than ignorance at the least and...

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  • Coal: The Going Backwards Fuel

    Coal: The Going Backwards Fuel

    I saw this sticker on a car today: More like: Anyone promoting fossil fuels these days is just ignorant of health and science, and hopelessly romantic about the past. Times weren’t better. We were just stupider. Nice to see some people in the 21st century...

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  • 20 Years Dentist Free

    20 Years Dentist Free

    It has been twenty years since I last sat in a dentist chair. If that makes you think I am stupid and have a yucky mouth, you are wrong. Am I a little reckless? Possibly. Do I have a healthy mouth? Yes. Do I recommend...

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  • Trophy Hunting

    Trophy Hunting

    I’m not anti-hunting. I fully support people who want to hunt for their own food. I’ll just never understand this obsession some hunters have with trophy hunting. It’s not even natural. It serves no positive purpose. Hunting predators is flat out immoral in my book,...

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  • Evil vs. Wild Animals

    Evil vs. Wild Animals

    So let me get this straight: A guy gets dressed in tactical assault gear, walks into a Colorado movie theater, murders 12 people and injures 70, avoids the death penalty and gets life in prison. In Yellowstone a grizzly kills one person hiking alone in...

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