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  • Goose Family

    Goose Family

    Around the 1st of April a mating pair of Canadian geese built a nest in one of the large planters at one of my buildings. Over the next few days the female laid six eggs. By law you cannot disturb nesting geese, so we put...

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  • Federal Lands & Citizen Perceptions

    Federal Lands & Citizen Perceptions

    I get so tired of delusional people bitching about Federal lands and using the Constitution as some sort of defense for their opinions. Some people in this country do not understand the relationship between the Federal Government and lands managed by the Federal Government. The...

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  • Keep Science In Politics

    Keep Science In Politics

    The only source of information that should be used to legislate environmental policy (such as clean air and water standards, and the Endangered Species Act) is SCIENCE. Any politician saying otherwise is simply ignorant of facts and not wise enough to be in a position...

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  • American Insurgents

    American Insurgents

    There is a disturbing movement going on in the United States today. Its protagonists and promoters use words like “freedom,” “rights,” and the “Constitution” to give their cause a righteous tone, but all of that talk is little more than ignorance at the least and...

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  • Coal: The Going Backwards Fuel

    Coal: The Going Backwards Fuel

    I saw this sticker on a car today: More like: Anyone promoting fossil fuels these days is just ignorant of health and science, and hopelessly romantic about the past. Times weren’t better. We were just stupider. Nice to see some people in the 21st century...

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  • Indian Peaks Wilderness Hike: Crater Lake & Mirror Lake

    Indian Peaks Wilderness Hike: Crater Lake & Mirror Lake

    Easily one of the best hikes I’ve done in Colorado. No mountain was climbed, but the company was good, and the route offered a little bit of everything. . It was a fantastic hike. If you have a full day to spare, are in excellent...

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  • When Trees Are Better Than Humans

    When Trees Are Better Than Humans

    I’m an unapologetic tree-hugger (metal head, not hippie), but that doesn’t mean I don’t approve of harvesting trees. Where I have a problem is clear cutting. Like the once beautiful tree-covered mountain behind my neighborhood. The asshole who owns the side of that mountain is...

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  • Not Your Usual Photogenic Creatures

    Not Your Usual Photogenic Creatures

    I sort of have a goal to take a decent photograph of every wild, land-dwelling animal on the planet. Maybe not every bird, insect, and assorted creepy crawly -as that would take too long (frankly, not every such creature inspires me),  but certainly some of...

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    I came across this long ago and did not publish it. Not sure why. Maybe I thought it would sound too extreme for many people. I’m posting it now for two reasons: It’s sort of funny in a dark, yet serious way, and I want...

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  • Best Photos Of 2014

    Best Photos Of 2014

    My first goal in photography is to capture things I have not photographed before.  The second is to just get quality shots.  I have a good eye for photography, but not the technological patience to become exceptional at it.   I just keep an eye...

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