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  • It’s Time To Get The Lead Out

    It’s Time To Get The Lead Out

    “Kudos to the California Legislature for doing the obvious, and banning lead bullets for hunting. Here’s hoping other states will soon follow suit, NRA paranoia notwithstanding. It’s worth noting that only one Republican legislator voted for the bill on either the Senate or Assembly floor....

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  • Let The Human Hunting Season Begin!

    Let The Human Hunting Season Begin!

    Since human population numbers are negatively affecting the environment and the species is becoming a nuisance, when will there be a hunting season for them? Let me put this in perspective using the world’s most historically persecuted animal: According to the Wyoming Game & Fish...

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  • Setting The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Straight

    Setting The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Straight

    Recently the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service proposed to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List throughout its range for the first time since the Endangered Species Act was enacted in 1973 (which by then was, for the most part, decades too late)....

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  • A Word On Population Growth from Sir David Attenborough

    A Word On Population Growth from Sir David Attenborough

    Sir David Attenborough, the famed British naturalist and television presenter, has some harsh words for humanity. “We are a plague on the Earth,” Attenborough told the Radio Times. “It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so.” Attenborough went on to say...

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  • Idaho Wildlife Motivational Poster

    Idaho Wildlife Motivational Poster

    I’m not necessarily opposed to hunting as a whole, but I am opposed to the way Idaho manages their wildlife. The first order of government should be to protect wildlife for the enjoyment of all and to sustain a healthy ecosystem. Idaho is one of...

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  • Jaguars In The U.S.A.

    Jaguars In The U.S.A.

    In 1996 I first read an article about a  jaguar being spotted in southern Arizona. I was shocked to even know that such creatures were actually native to the region in the past. There have been occasional sightings in the southwest, particularly in Arizona, New...

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  • Open Season On Wyoming

    Open Season On Wyoming

    BAD NEWS FOR WYOMING’S WOLVES Last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wyoming officials reached an agreement over that state’s long-disputed wolf management plan, paving the way for Wyoming‘s almost 350 wolves to be removed from the endangered species list in the near...

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  • Extinction Rider Defeated!

    Extinction Rider Defeated!

    HURRAH!! Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 224-202 to eliminate the Extinction Rider attached to the Interior spending bill, HR 2384. This measure would have increased the risk of extinction for threatened wildlife. Thanks to citizen calls, emails, donations and letters, we stopped it cold. My...

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  • Homo Sapiens: The Destroyers

    Homo Sapiens: The Destroyers

    (The following post is dedicated to the Gray Wolves of the western United States, who lost protection today under the Endangered Species Act, thanks to a few assholes in Congress, and their peers who felt they had no choice but to pass the spending bill...

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  • Wolf Addendum

    Wolf Addendum

    (It has been a busy week, so here is one more tirade to wrap up an extended period of anger, frustration, and disappointment…then it’s off to greener pastures for the next few posts) The fate of the wolf in the western United States is not an...

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