A Few Things To Consider When Voting

A Few Things To Consider When Voting

I mailed my ballot yesterday, symbolically putting an end to this long national nightmare. I was going to post a scathing article on the specifics of the election but I guess the train wreck has said enough on its own.

I do not belong to any political party and never will. Parties are for extremists, and the soul of this country is moderate, and there is no party for that. I lean towards progressive because history has proven the old ways (conservative stagnation based on an inaccurate, ignorant interpretation of  “the good ‘ol days”) is neither sustainable nor good for the planet and favors money over life.

While I don’t endorse particular candidates I feel it is my duty as an objective outsider to point out B.S. when I see it.

1.  When the majority of the Republican party talks about protecting your personal freedoms or getting the government off your back, that is only in the context of you being a white, heterosexual, conservative Christian (or in their case, a fake, judgmental Christian) . Otherwise, their modern day record speaks for itself. So, for any of you that are not blind (or willing) followers and are on your own path that may cross over the line of conservative comfort zones, it makes zero sense to support such doctrine. They will certainly take your votes, but in the end their intolerance will squeeze you into conformity or toss you aside. If you can’t stand the opposition it’s better to send a message by voting for a third party candidate.

2.  The Patriot Movement:  If freedom in the United States gives you the right to abuse public lands so you can deface the landscape, pollute the air and water, and commit genocide on certain species, all to make a buck or just to stroke your testosterone-filled machismo, then you don’t deserve freedom. All that does is infringe on the rights and happiness of everyone else.

3.  Don’t buy into the fear campaigns. Think for yourself based on facts, and not the hyperbole of opinions that is often based on twisted perceptions that only take the focus off the facts and real issues. Understand that there are a lot of people out there who, in their personal discomfort, will twist any reality to keep the world around them looking like they want it and not how it really is.

4.  And just to be clear, protecting the environment is NOT a special interest. Despite all the attention-sucking brainwashing going on about unproven scandals and personal conduct, the real issues are the things few people are talking about, and most of those revolve around the state of the environment. Those who don’t see it that way are just a byproduct of failed leadership. If you don’t understand, it just means you haven’t learned science and the facts. The health of the environment is the single most important issue facing every living entity on the Earth. This is not an opinion. Educate yourself and you’ll see all this other bullshit for what it is. Environmental issues are 100% tied in with everyone’s freedom to live healthy and happy.

Vote accordingly.