Leadership In The Fog

Leadership In The Fog

It has been pointed out to me recently that I need to do a better job communicating my points in a more measured, respectful way if I am to affect change, rather than just adding to the conflicts our society is already mired in. Whether any of us individual, average citizens actually has any chance of changing anything is debatable. Still, anyone with any self-respect owes it to themselves and the rest of society to fight for their beliefs and desires and do so in an honorable fashion. If no one ever stood up for anything the only reality you could count on in life would be servitude and suffering.

The struggles of some U.S. citizens are very real. Most are hard working, honest people, with families and dreams. I understand how difficult it is to change with the times as we become more knowledgeable about this world and enlightened about life. It certainly is more difficult in certain communities where generations have done it one way for decades and attitudes are entrenched. They simply know no other way, and the influences they are surrounded by don’t get enough injections of new, outside perspectives to encourage introspection and allow the minds to contemplate anything different. But change is a constant part of existence, and any species that is not flexible enough to take on and accept the difficult transitions eventually becomes extinct. Natural history is full of such examples.

We cannot simply alter economic and environmental policies simply to keep dying industries and unhealthy practices alive, just so people stay employed and freedoms unrestricted. Good leadership does not come from walking backwards. Good leadership is always moving forward, being innovative, flexible, and open-minded enough to create new opportunities and give solutions to old problems.

There is potential everywhere. We must not be content to settle for old paradigms, for that mentality is not sustainable. We don’t need temporary solutions that ignore history and science, just for fleeting moments of comfort based on a lack of foresight. There is a right way to do things, but it takes courage, vision, and compassion. We cannot let fear detour us from that path, or aging regimes alienating some while favoring others. It is one planet with limited resources and delicate variables that our lack of collective leadership has stretched even thinner.

The Pipe Dream Of Freedom That Is Being Sold To You

If you want limited government and your freedoms unrestricted there are two things you need to do and understand before even demanding such fantasy at this time in our history:

1.  Be more cognizant of population growth and the expansion of civilization and how collectively it puts a strain on every aspect of life on Earth –from the environment, to the economy, to resources, to people’s time and space.

2.  Be more responsible and considerate and convince your fellow citizens to do the same.

In the case of the U.S., our laws, regulations, and restrictions -in general- are not a function of someone’s desire for control. They are a direct result of past abuses and the subsequent wisdom and leadership to protect the freedoms and happiness for all from the inconsiderate recklessness of a few. You don’t need me to show you proof. It is clearly defined in our history and also backed up by statistics and science.

What our culture needs is to begin separating ourselves from the loudmouthed pandering to the lowest denominator of our emotions and replace with a reverence for science and actual experts in the fields of things that directly or indirectly impact society. Without an intimate knowledge of a certain topic it doesn’t really matter what I or anyone else thinks.

Not everyone is a born leader, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a follower, either. We need more individuals who don’t spend their lives following in the tired footsteps of our dysfunctional two-party politics like naive puppies. It is every citizen’s duty to understand the issues and the bigger picture behind those issues, and not just fuel the polarizing biases.

If the current state of things in the United States is any indication, there have not been enough people taking initiative. Our vacillation is creating a lack of choices and control of our country’s destiny. A powerful stew of stagnation and ignorance got us to this point. I have never seen such an atmosphere of anxiety, anger, and frustration, as a majority of citizens are feeling the hopelessness that comes with the feeling of having your hands tied. Our flawed system is not representing the will of the people. It is only representing a fraction of our diversity, and that fraction seems to be shrinking daily. The majority, because of our recent apathy, does not currently have a voice on most issues.

Now is the time to ground yourself. Establish a strong foundation of knowledge, free and clear of emotions and the disruptive rat race of our modern society (or even the archaic delusions that some rural areas are stuck in). Individuals and leaders need to get this country back on an enlightened path. There is only one way to go, and that is forward.