Observations From The Planet 9/25/17

Observations From The Planet 9/25/17

Two world leaders. With fingers on nuclear triggers. Throwing childish jabs at each other.

Reactionary, immature, egomaniacs. Representing the very worst in all of us.

We are all human. We all have angry, fearful, defensive, mean-spirited thoughts, but a mature person keeps them to themselves, for they do nothing to solve a problem,  and only aggravate an already delicate situation.

This isn’t a game. As leaders you have a mandate to protect your people. Instead you are only stroking your egos,
and threatening the welfare and lives of millions of people, and the greater environment that we ALL call home.
Conflict will bring more collateral damage than strategic targets hit.

Anyone with real power or genuine leadership qualities doesn’t have to be loud, and certainly doesn’t engage in a fool’s game of insults and threats. While each may have their supporters, they amount to little more than a following of naive sheep, marching into oblivion.

The honorable path is a difficult one. It takes internal, not external strength. It takes wisdom, innovation, and patience. It is one of communication, open-mindedness, compassion, and determination.

Others have been accused of not doing enough, but that is an argument from someone who does not understand the complexity of the situation. This is not the Wild West, and there are far too many people now and a much more delicate environment than what existed in simpler times.

There is only one acceptable outcome, and it has nothing to do with military violence. This is a true test of our character as human beings. Are you a slave to your base, animal instincts? Or are you in control of your emotions, proof that our species has the intelligence and fortitude to evolve?

For those who cannot evolve will become extinct. It’s the one lesson history has proven time after time.