Kneeling During The National Anthem -A Perspective, A Rant, An Open Letter

Kneeling During The National Anthem -A Perspective, A Rant, An Open Letter

Those people who are bitching about athletes kneeling during the National Anthem don’t give a damn about their reasons. Though I wouldn’t have the balls to kneel during the Anthem, I sympathize with those athletes. I’m extremely disappointed in my country right now and my fellow humans in general. To hell with anyone telling me and others like me to leave if I don’t like it. This is just as much my country as any other citizen and I have every right and the freedom to complain about the bullshit I see around me. I couldn’t leave if I wanted to because it would be too expensive. This is a great country, but it is full of assholes and ignorance. I’m not going to throw in the towel and just leave it for those assholes.

Here is a little clarity to those who are getting their undies all bunched up because some wealthy athletes are protesting: First, the entire event is just a game. Entertaining for sure, but certainly not important as far as life goes. Second, these people are not disrespecting the flag (an object that represents something -not to be confused with actually being that something). They are simply showing their disappointment in the state of our country. The flag represents ideals that are not being met. Third, this is a free country. The flag does not give you that freedom. The law does. And fourth, if you don’t think this country has serious equality and discrimination problems, it is you that should shut up or ship out, not the people demanding justice. You are only making things worse with your twisted priorities, closet racism, and an unwillingness to evolve.

Hey Mr. White Person -a lot of your satisfaction and admiration for this country was built on oppression of other races. Instead of getting pissed off at someone’s form of protest why don’t you have some compassion and empathy to understand the reasons why? This isn’t about disrespect to the ideals this country was founded on or the military that has preserved this country. It’s about a dissatisfaction of those ideals not being met, the double standards, and the hostile segment of our population turning a blind eye and deaf ear.

I find it hypocritical that some of the most patriotic people in the U.S. are so offended by people exercising their right to free speech. Unfortunately the only way to have a platform in this country is to be famous. The NFL athletes have been exercising their rights on that platform to make a national plea to the problem of injustice and inequality in the United States. The strategy of those kneeling is certainly tacky, but let’s not forget that it is our society that gave these sports figures the ridiculous elevated platform in the first place.

Thanks for reading and thinking,

Murray A. Neill (A white person, honorably discharged Corporal of the U.S. Marine Corps, a hard-working, productive, working class citizen with a clean record, who votes, pays his taxes early, and flies a flag at home on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day)