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  • The Real Problem Behind Lawns

    The Real Problem Behind Lawns

    One nice thing about living in the mountains away from civilization is that it’s not necessary to grow and maintain a lawn. Trees, other native plants, and rocks suffice just fine. Natural landscape is always better than human engineered in my opinion. Lawns and flower...

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  • Keep Science In Politics

    Keep Science In Politics

    The only source of information that should be used to legislate environmental policy (such as clean air and water standards, and the Endangered Species Act) is SCIENCE. Any politician saying otherwise is simply ignorant of facts and not wise enough to be in a position...

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  • Alaska?


    Thanks to the cult of idiocy mass appeal of Sarah Palin, Alaska has been put into the spotlight and is all over the TV and other media. Alaska is deserving of that, even without Palin, on size and natural grandeur alone, but the recent over-exposure has been...

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