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  • Election Day 2017

    Election Day 2017

    Unfortunately this is an off year for elections, with substantially less news and things at stake than mid-term or presidential elections, but it still is a good time to re-evaluate where our society stands and contemplate what has happened over the last year. Regardless of anyone’s...

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  • Keep Science In Politics

    Keep Science In Politics

    The only source of information that should be used to legislate environmental policy (such as clean air and water standards, and the Endangered Species Act) is SCIENCE. Any politician saying otherwise is simply ignorant of facts and not wise enough to be in a position...

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  • More Fun Bashing Conservatives (A Random Collection Of Thoughts)

    More Fun Bashing Conservatives (A Random Collection Of Thoughts)

    (Editor’s Note: I tried to organize the following into some kind of single, cohesive article, but time and exhaustion have got the better of me, so you’ll just have to digest the little tidbits for what they are. I’m tired of adding to the pile...

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  • The Conservative Contradiction

    The Conservative Contradiction

    I have been warming up to the idea that there isn’t much of a difference between the Republican and Democratic political parties running our government, but I do find conservatives easier fodder for criticism. It’s not that I don’t have my own conservative views, but...

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