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  • Eclipse Road Trip

    Eclipse Road Trip

    It was February 1979 the last time I had the chance to see a total solar eclipse. The path that one took stretched from the Pacific Northwest of Oregon and Washington, through Idaho, and finally Montana, just skimming my hometown of Billings before extending into...

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  • Victory For Wolves In Wyoming

    Victory For Wolves In Wyoming

    The National Resources Defense Council reports that a federal court has ruled that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service violated the law in 2012 when it stripped Wyoming’s wolves of their endangered species protections.  Federal protections have now been restored to all wolves in Wyoming!...

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  • A Little Bridge In Wyoming

    A Little Bridge In Wyoming

    The last two times my wife and I have visited the Yellowstone/Grand Teton area (a total of 14 days) we have never seen a moose. I remember seeing them in the park as a kid, and I know they are still there, but our timing...

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  • Rocky Mountain Road Trip (Part 5)

    Rocky Mountain Road Trip (Part 5)

    That saddening day approached- the end of the vacation- as we made the long drive back to Colorado from northern Montana. As soon as we left Glacier National Park we yearned for our return visit. The scenery was stunning, but we did not see much wildlife...

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