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  • Observations From The Planet 6/23/18

    Observations From The Planet 6/23/18

    Immigration problems and refugee crises -though caused by many things- both have their roots in one thing: over-population. This negatively affects resources, the environment, and living space, and creates an atmosphere conducive to bad behavior (both by civilians and governments) and poor influences. Yet most...

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  • Population Growth And The Expansion Of Civilization: The Ugly Truth

    Population Growth And The Expansion Of Civilization: The Ugly Truth

    There is a big difference between being negative and giving a shit. Though perception varies from person to person, avoidance and denial is a cancer that is widespread throughout our species. If you are not overly-sensitive or defensive, read on. My words are from the...

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  • A Word On Population Growth from Sir David Attenborough

    A Word On Population Growth from Sir David Attenborough

    Sir David Attenborough, the famed British naturalist and television presenter, has some harsh words for humanity. “We are a plague on the Earth,” Attenborough told the Radio Times. “It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so.” Attenborough went on to say...

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  • Reality Check

    Reality Check

    In this polarizing time of so many people in the United States looking back to our past to praise our founding fathers and criticize our current government for not being more like them, I think it is time for a reality check. When you complain...

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  • Homo Sapiens: The Destroyers

    Homo Sapiens: The Destroyers

    (The following post is dedicated to the Gray Wolves of the western United States, who lost protection today under the Endangered Species Act, thanks to a few assholes in Congress, and their peers who felt they had no choice but to pass the spending bill...

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  • Defending A Liberal “Contradiction”

    Defending A Liberal “Contradiction”

    I heard an argument on local talk radio recently that pointed out an apparent contradiction within the Pro-Choice community. Let me first say that, though I am more of a balanced moderate when it comes to conservative and progressive thinking, as I find elements from...

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  • Freedom To Breed Hypocrisy

    Freedom To Breed Hypocrisy

    There is a misguided, immature element of our society today that puts human life at all costs against all other life in nature. It may be true that we have the intelligence and potential that other life forms lack, which we can use to further our...

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  • Where We Went Wrong

    Where We Went Wrong

    Some damages are not capable of being reversed or repaired. Wolves can be returned to lands they once inhabited, but the scourge the ranching and farming industries has put on the land over the centuries has made a full, natural recovery impossible—and that goes for...

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  • Private Land vs. Public Access

    Private Land vs. Public Access

    This is a topic I’ve been pondering for some time. Being an outdoors enthusiast, this affects me more than some, and finding public access to desirable areas is often a struggle. At the same time I also value privacy and freedom from people, so I...

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  • The Conservative Contradiction

    The Conservative Contradiction

    I have been warming up to the idea that there isn’t much of a difference between the Republican and Democratic political parties running our government, but I do find conservatives easier fodder for criticism. It’s not that I don’t have my own conservative views, but...

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