A Week On The Northwest Coast (part 2)

A Week On The Northwest Coast (part 2)

Few things are better than hiking a forested trail in the Pacific Northwest. Ecola State Park in Oregon offers some great trails through a lush coastal forest. Thanks to the ample precipitation in this part of the country, trees grow big, and every inch is bursting with plant life.

It was a cloudy, cool day, but nothing about this hike was gloomy.

Rhiannon totally in her element.

On the way back to the resort we stopped in Astoria and this great brewery-restaurant.

There seemed to be a lot of good places to eat and drink in Astoria, and this place has to be one of the best. The food was delicious, the craft beer excellent, and the atmosphere kick ass. The building is basically right on the docks, with the north side entirely sliding door glass with a great view of the giant mouth of the Columbia River pouring into the Pacific. You could see the sea lions swimming in.

And the coolest part of the place was that the sea lions would swim under the dock to lay on platforms under the building with a glass floor right above it.

We passed this sign a few times driving back and forth. For being a very progressive part of the country, many of the small coastal communities in Washington are shockingly conservative. Trump signs everywhere. Obviously not all the inhabitants approved. This particular giant sign in a guy's yard was defaced for at least two days before he noticed and took down the offensive, yet hilarious object hanging from it.

Despite the weather being a majority of cloudy skies during our week on the coast, there were some partly cloudy days and a couple sunny days. This was the first of two pretty sunsets.