A Week On The Northwest Coast (part 3)

A Week On The Northwest Coast (part 3)

Willapa Wildlife Refuge caps the northern point of Long Beach Peninsula, and the area in and around it has a lot to offer. Especially serenity.

I've never seen a black slug, and this impressive beauty was about 4-inches long.

A holly bush shimmering in the daylight

We found this one area just south of the refuge that looked to be private land but had been opened to the public for bird watching. It had miles and miles of interweaving roads and trails. It was so peaceful.

It's always a treat for me when I go out to the west coast to find this flower. It's called Foxglove, and it's one of my favorites.

There was more berry-filled bear scat littering these trails than I've ever seen anywhere. We made two late afternoon/early evening trips to this little oasis in hopes of seeing one, but never got that lucky.

Another Foxglove

The only major wildlife sighting of the night: A very large spotted slug!

One day we took a road trip north up the coast. Drove by a valley with a bunch of vultures warming their bodies in the morning sun.

The coolest caterpillar ever

Back in Oregon we hiked the Gnat Creek Trail through 100 year old forest that makes its way to Gnat Creek Fish Hatchery. Here is an example of a nurse tree stump with a younger tree growing out of it. It's sad seeing the remnants of giants that were cut down long ago but nature often renews itself, and that is certainly the case in the Pacific Northwest.

Blurry shot, but I love this tree

After a surprisingly interesting and enjoyable stop at the fish hatchery (sorry, it wasn't photo worthy) we continued on a trail for a while near the creek. At the turn around point we ran into Bigfoot. As is typical, the photo is a bit blurry.

One more final sunset before heading back home.