Endangered Species Protections

I recently read an article about mining and other industries making a request to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have a certain species removed from the Endangered Species list. The Endangered Species Act functions above industry desires. When the health and survival of a species is at risk, for whatever reason, that species gets protection, giving it a chance to recover. Industry interests or requests have no bearing. Once the species is adequately recovered from the sole perspective of science does a species warrant removal from the list. Average citizens, industry, and politicians do not technically have a say in the matter. If they did extinction would be the norm, not the unfortunate, occasional exception. I know business interests get frustrated and impatient with the process and the often slow movement of government, but maybe they should have considered the impacts of their destructive business practices in the first place. Financial interests should never outweigh the health of the environment. When they do it is akin to shitting in your own bed.