Get Off Our Planet (An Introduction)

Get Off Our Planet (An Introduction)

Greetings! Welcome to Earth. My name is Murray Alexander Neill. I use my full name because I have found at least seven other Murray Neills in the world (yes it was a surprise to me, too) and I don’t want to be confused with any of them. (This is, of course, proof that there are too many people on the planet.) I always thought my first and last names sounded weird in succession, but put all three together and it sounds like a famous person.  Plus, the initials spell “MAN,” which I suppose is cool. My dad did this intentionally.

Though it is true that I am human, I find the species a tad too limiting for my tastes. I’ve always felt I was something much better trapped in a crappy vessel. The Earth is overflowing with crappy vessels. So what brings you to this site? I’ll tell you what: You are an interesting person. You are not satisfied with the status quo. You have an opinion. You have a sense of humor. You appreciate nature and feel a part of it. You like to be entertained. You like to think. When you aren’t looking at the unspoiled areas of beauty on the Earth, you look up at the stars. Humanity, though fallible, has a great potential for not only evolving into something better, but making the world around them better, too. Unfortunately, as it stands today, the world would be better off without us. That is not acceptable and we need to change. If you understand all this, you are welcome to stay. The rest of you can get off the planet.


I am a creator. I have spent most of my time on this planet enjoying its nature, taking on some of its challenges, and expressing myself in many types of artistry, including writing, music, and photography. I have written three books, dabbled in journalism, recorded five albums, and performed live about 100 times. I am an honorably discharged Marine, have climbed roughly 130 mountains, and am a strong advocate for the environment with a focus on protecting the remaining wild areas and its inhabitants left standing in the world. My mission is to entertain and enlighten. I fight against archaic human views, the humorless, and those lame, “dead air space” people making no difference in the world, taking up valuable resources better suited to wildlife and those special humans striving to be the best they can be and creating a world better than the one they inherited.

Murray lives on a forested 2.5 acres just south of Sequim, Washington with his wife, two dogs, and a cat.