Kid’s Art

Kid’s Art

Young children can be funny artists. Some stuff is downright terrible in a “why even bother” way (we can’t all be M.C. Escher), but others are staight-up hilarious. Here are a few that I’ve found during my “travels.” (I’ve enhanced some of them to bring out subtle details.)

A lot of interesting things going on here. I think the guy on the top of the page is some demonic minion trying to influence this kid. I'm pretty sure the creature in the middle is supposed to be a dog (obviously an unsatisfactory one, even to this kid's standards). Somehow the figure on the bottom is better. Looks like a cross between a seal and a loaf of bread with a mountain lion's tail to me. I think he's flipping us off with his front, deformed paw, and has a lizard's leg on the back. Looks like he may be pooping a little, too.

This is truly horrifying. I guess it's supposed to be a walrus (tusks look more like fangs), but what's with the hat? Is it supposed to be Santa, too? Is that a goatee or something on the bottom of his fangs? If so, nice circular hair. Take another look. This kid really likes circles.

The next two pictures go back almost 25 years ago when I was a long-haired thrasher washing dishes at a fine Mexican restaurant. These were found in busboys' tubs. This is what the kid did while the family was waiting for their meals. Why he was thinking about ostriches we'll never know. Love the face. Nice straw-like claws coming out of a pair of pants. Is this supposed to be a scare-ostrich?

Busboy's tubs generally get wet with all the dirty dishes and glasses, so says this ink smear of a bear. It appears that the kid put some pretty good details on the bear's face, but could probably have given more of a shit on the arms and legs.

And finally the best for last. This one is just brilliant. As a negative it makes for fine art. I'm serious. I'd actually frame this. It's funny and beautiful in a very simple way. The giant donut-looking thing in the corner is actually a watermark from a glass. Though I don't recommend setting your drinks on top of your artwork, this kid was lucky that it actually enhanced the image. With a donut that big we can understand why the guy with severe deformities is smiling.