Our Lame State Flags

Our Lame State Flags

Ever notice how lame most of the U.S. state flags are? A majority seem to have been created by people without a creative, artistic bone in their bodies. There are only a few standouts.

Alaska’s is super cool because it features the constellation Ursa Major (a.k.a. The Big Dipper) and Polaris (The North Star). Very original.

Arizona and New Mexico feature different versions of our own star, the sun, with Arizona’s having a lot of color, and New Mexico’s with a Native American flare and a non-typical all-yellow (sunny) background. Not my personal choice of color, but at least it’s different and stands out.

California’s grizzly-graced flag would have been cool had they not hunted the species to extinction. Now it makes no sense and just highlight’s their disgraceful history.

South Carolina’s crescent moon and palm tree is unique, aside from it looking like it belongs to a Middle Eastern Muslim country.

Props to Wyoming for using the iconic American symbol of the bison.

Props also to Oklahoma for Native American symbolism, though the native history of that state is mostly one of tears.

I like Rhode Island’s anchor, but it would probably be better suited for an island state, or one with a majority of coastal boundaries.

Indiana’s star-surrounded torch (Lady Liberty’s, I’m assuming) is nice, but I do not understand the connection.

Texas is like a little kid version of the U.S. flag. Not bad, just completely unoriginal.

Then there are the weird ones: Hawaii looks like it was created from the leftover scraps from designers of Old Glory and the Union Jack. As exotic as Hawaii is, it’s a damn shame.

Hey Maryland, this isn’t feudal Britain. Looks like you tried to rip off some coat of arms.

Then there is just a bunch of crap. Entirely too many single color backgrounds with some uninspiring (generally circular) symbol in the middle. The green background of Washington state is appropriate, but the dumb picture of George Washington in the middle is just a constant reminder of how lame the name of the state is. Should have been a picture of a giant evergreen in front of a glacier covered volcano, and the state should have been called Pacifica or something.

The genius who designed Colorado’s flag came up with a big letter “C” -wow, how creative.

I don’t know what the hell Arkansas is doing, but it’s pretty lame.

Alabama? Nice red “X”. Says a lot about your state.

In general most of these flags look like they could have been designed by five-year-olds. No thanks. With all the amazing natural resources, wildlife, iconic views, and diverse history in many of our states you’d think there would be a much richer source of material to choose from. Some states have license plates that are prettier and more creative. You can do better, America.