Road Trip To The Washington Coast (Part 4)

Road Trip To The Washington Coast (Part 4)

Rhiannon and I got away from the cloudy coast on two days of our week in Washington. One of those days we drove up to Olympic National Park to hike in the Quinault Rain Forest. It was sunny and a bit warmer than average. Years earlier we visited the rain forest in the northern part of the park and fell in love with the place. These incredibly lush forests of giant trees in the northwest are some of the most beautiful, peaceful, enchanting, and inspiring places to visit. I don’t know if the photos will do the experience justice, but here they are:

Before we made it to the trail head we came across this massive tree. This sitka spruce is the world's largest spruce. It's 191-feet tall, has a circumference of almost 59 feet, and is about 1000 years old.

I like this shot because the little kid climbing around makes the tree look even larger.

Plenty of slugs to keep us company.

Everything grows out of everything in a rain forest.

Irely Lake

Finally, wildlife other than a slug!