Road Trip To The Washington Coast (Part 5)

Road Trip To The Washington Coast (Part 5)

This is the last of a very long series of posts on my summer road trip to the Washington coast and some of the exploring we did in the greater area. This time I’m just tying up all the loose photographic ends…

We had plans one day to have dinner in some undisclosed location with our friend Terry, coming up from Portland. This gave us many hours to kill exploring some sights away from the coast. Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve had been on my radar for a while. The preserve features 445 acres containing hundreds of mysterious 4 to 6-foot-high mounds. Based on the recent discovery of skeletal remains, the latest theory of their creation centers on a colony of giant, prehistoric prairie dogs, about the height of an average human.

Afterwards we went to Rainbow Falls State Park. Apparently a flood went through the area some years ago, and there really isn't anything there worth seeing. After some frustrating wandering around, we finally found a decent trail through the forest. However, our activity was short-lived due to the uncomfortable above average heat and humidity.

Foxglove. We took an almost identical photo a few years ago when vacationing in southern Oregon. One of my favorite wildflowers.

The one day it was sunny at the beaches of Ocean Shores. A wonderful feeling.

The entrance to the beach from our resort.

On our trip back home we drove until we couldn't drive any longer, and pulled over somewhere in the middle of nowhere in northern Utah. Saw some wild turkeys the next morning while driving back to the highway.