The Reality Of U.S. Health Verses The World


Of the 32 developed countries in the world with universal healthcare, 29 of them have a higher average lifespan than that of the U.S.A. The U.S. ranks 43rd. In 2017 our average was about 80, but last year that dropped down to about 78.6 due to higher rates of suicides and drug overdoses. It will be interesting to see how our growing obesity problem and poor diets affect this trend in coming years. We already are seeing the effects of neglected mental healthcare. I am not into bashing my own country, but I am in favor of puting my countrymen in place when it comes to blindly idolizing our country with an ignorant superiority complex in relation to the rest of the world -especially socialized medicine and education. The numbers don’t lie, and in general the people in the countries ahead of us are happier in a wide range of statistics. I’m not going to abandon my country, so if your solution for me is to leave, well then, piss off. But we can certainly do better, especially if we are as great as we say we are.