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    Climate Facts vs. Opinions

    Let’s see how many people choose to keep their heads in the clouds. Here is some information I picked up while doing some research earlier this year, and a brilliant quote I did not write, but unfortunately lost the source: Fact: Atmospheric CO2 has increased...

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    What You Don’t Know Affects Your Judgement, Your Priorities, And Your Future

    FACT:  In the last two and a half years our administration has repeatedly weakened environmental regulations, bypassed laws, and acted to allow more mercury, smog and carbon pollution into our air, more nutrient and sediment pollution into our waterways, and more destruction of essential wildlife...

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    Endangered Species Protections

    I recently read an article about mining and other industries making a request to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have a certain species removed from the Endangered Species list. The Endangered Species Act functions above industry desires. When the health and survival of...

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  • Observations From The Planet 12/9/18

    Observations From The Planet 12/9/18

    So the Senate passed a bill to make it easier to kill sea lions who are feeding on endangered salmon in the Columbia River. While I appreciate anyone who is trying to save imperiled species, the reason the particular salmon species is threatened is due...

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  • Forcing The Red Wolf To Extinction

    Forcing The Red Wolf To Extinction

    Like all wolves in this country, the red wolf has a tragic history. Noble restoration efforts have only been shit upon by people who think they have the right to drive a species to extinction. In my opinion that is the worst thing you can...

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  • Observations From The Planet 6/23/18

    Observations From The Planet 6/23/18

    Immigration problems and refugee crises -though caused by many things- both have their roots in one thing: over-population. This negatively affects resources, the environment, and living space, and creates an atmosphere conducive to bad behavior (both by civilians and governments) and poor influences. Yet most...

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  • Sunrises & Sunsets

    Sunrises & Sunsets

    As we say good riddance to 2017 and enter into the unknowns of 2018, here is a reflection of some of the beauty of the beginnings and ends of each day. (All photos taken by my wife Rhiannon Archuleta at our home in the mountains,...

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  • Peak Review: Conquering the Mummy Range

    Peak Review: Conquering the Mummy Range

    After a 19 year absence I finally completed reaching all the summits along the primary ridge of mountains in the Mummy Range of Rocky Mountain National Park. Having done Mummy Mountain (elevation 13,425-feet) and Hagues Peak (elevation 13,560-feet) in 1998, I always planned on returning...

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  • Eclipse Road Trip

    Eclipse Road Trip

    It was February 1979 the last time I had the chance to see a total solar eclipse. The path that one took stretched from the Pacific Northwest of Oregon and Washington, through Idaho, and finally Montana, just skimming my hometown of Billings before extending into...

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  • Peak Review: Otter Mountain (Elevation 12,766-Feet)

    Peak Review: Otter Mountain (Elevation 12,766-Feet)

    I have wanted to climb Otter Mountain for years.  According to the Internet this Front Range peak is not popular.  I translate that as most people don’t know about it or even think to consider it for a hike.  For me it is simple: I...

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