What You Don’t Know Affects Your Judgement, Your Priorities, And Your Future


FACT:  In the last two and a half years our administration has repeatedly weakened environmental regulations, bypassed laws, and acted to allow more mercury, smog and carbon pollution into our air, more nutrient and sediment pollution into our waterways, and more destruction of essential wildlife habitat.

And it has not stopped there. Any opportunity to exploit our environment, counter any environmental progress, and risk our public health and happiness in favor of industry greed, promoting reckless, selfish behavior, or just out of ignorant spite is being pushed.

The record is clear and refutes any misleading statements coming out of the White House or the supporting cast of cowards pretending to be looking after our best interests.

If you do not believe this, you have not been following the policy actions of your government. Shame on you if the shoe fits. It is up to each citizen to educate themselves rather than just follow propaganda. I dare you to enlighten yourself.

The direction people take their politics is based on what they value. That is not a surprising or groundbreaking conclusion, but the point I have been trying to communicate for years is that I think many Americans’ priorities are screwed up. Over time what people value has become less and less of what they need and more of what they desire or are used to. Because of that people miss out on a lot of important information. It’s like it does not exist. As an analogy, suppose you have 100 channels on TV to watch, but only watch one. Your perspective on other content would be severely limited. However, our problem isn’t always just a simple lack of knowledge. One disturbing trend is the inability to think clearly or objectively. Even proven science from a multitude of different disciplines cannot seem to change some people’s minds. That’s when you realize that education has failed in this country and people surround themselves with poor influences. It is time to wake up.